Welcome people! This is my blog where I will write about using marijuana in the treatment of some diseases that can be treated by Mary Jane. I don't promote smoking marijuana since smoking is not good for your lungs. I rather try to stay focused on plant's benefits and what can give you as a patient. The purpose of this blog is to educate people not to make them start using marijuana.

I'm Christopher Ferguson, and this is my blog where I write about marijuana, its medicinal values and its effect on our brain and body. As a long time marijuana activist who started with cannabis back in the 70's, I decided to share my knowledge and let people know everything about this holy plant.

I have also been traveling around the world to work on new genetics that produces plants that are rich in CBD, an essential ingredient in marijuana that treats most of the illnesses known to human. Flying Dutchman Seedhouse from the Netherlands let me work on a couple of genetics so I would like this opportunity to thank them.

I have been diagnosed with skin cancer in 2012. and the doctors told me that I wouldn't have more than a year of life to live. I decided to quit their therapies and continue with the Holy Plant and its sacred CBD chemical ingredient. Here, after six years of their diagnose, I am still alive and ready for new challenges. Marijuana treats everything!