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4 Ways Marijuana Can Help Opiate Addicts

The opiate crisis plaguing many Americans in this country is becoming worse as the weeks go by. As more people become sick or die from overdosing, many are asking medical professionals if there’s another way to treat them. And some scientists are saying that marijuana might just prove to be more help to opiate addicts than previously thought.

1. It Helps Alleviate Pain

One of the main reasons that people are prescribed powerful opiates is to help alleviate chronic pain. Although these opiates provide temporary relief for chronic pain sufferers, the strong opiates leave the patients with another debilitating medical condition – addiction. Marijuana has chemicals in it, most notably cannabidiol, that can help to alleviate the pain of the patients in place of the addictive opiates. If patients experience a reduction in their pain from a daily dose of cannabidiol oil, their likelihood of turning to an opiate for pain relief is less likely.

2. It Reduces Cravings

Recovering from opiate addiction is a difficult goal to achieve. This is due to how strong the craving is for the opiate. Opiates are pharmaceutical drugs that are created from opium. Opium contains opioids. Opioids bind with opioid receptors in the brain to produce a morphine-like effect. The cannabidiol compound found in marijuana helps to curve opiate cravings by modifying the neural receptors in the brain that bind with opioids in the bloodstream. This modification to neural receptors can help to reduce a person’s biological craving for opioids, thus resulting in fewer opiates being taken and abused by the patient.

3. It Helps Treat Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of withdrawal that opiate addicts suffer are severe, crippling, and painful. The symptoms are so devastating that people can actually die from opiate withdrawal. There’s a reason why those addicted to opiates relapse at such a high rate. For the addict, risking their lives taking the opiates is less dangerous than suffering through the withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, marijuana has been showing impressive potential as a treatment replacement for methadone for those struggling with opiate withdrawal. Marijuana is also a much safer, less addicting alternative to methadone.

4. It Can Improve Your Mood

Taking opiates can drastically change your mood. When you become addicted to opiates, this change in mood can turn into a complete change in personality. Many opiate addicts have described themselves as irritable, aggressive, and even violent. One benefit of enjoying marijuana during an opiate addiction or during the withdrawal phase is that it can help to stabilize your mood to prevent drastic mood swings.