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Who am I?

I’m Christopher Ferguson from Colorado Springs. Otherwise, I am a graduate biologist and former marijuana grower for my purposes and for the research that I performed. My goal was to produce marijuana that would not have such a THC amount in itself that creates hallucinations and produce marijuana that would not cause addiction. Otherwise, Colorado State is one of the leading breeders of industrial marijuana.

My study

marijuanaIt was very hard to persuade the professor to let me know about this topic. Still, marijuana is illegal throughout the country. Somehow we succeeded with the police to agree that they will be in such a place and that we certainly will not produce for sale, but only for research. I was also helped by the research department of medicine, who gave me maximum support in the realization of this project.

Before I learned more about this topic, marijuana was just one forensic drug produced by people who probably do not know what should be done to make it as safe as possible to use. I know people are spraying with all kinds of substances that can be harmful to the human body. People read from the Internet what others were writing and followed their instructions. I knew a couple of dealers who had grown their marijuana and had the excellent breeding equipment. From the land itself that is being bought, not from the yard to the lamps that contribute to the lack of sunlight. These are like your labyrinths hidden from your eyes, most often in cellars or garages.

How it goes

Only marijuana farming is a complex process. From the planting itself, growing up to the reading of leaves. What you probably did not know was that there are two types of cannabis. These are industrial, which, with the permission and all attached papers, can be grown and containing less than 0.3% THC and there is Indian hemp having more than 10% THC. For the small amount that I needed for research, I did not need much space, but so I managed to get the equipment I needed (thermometer, hydrometer, ventilation, and lighting). marijuana-farmingI had two groups, one that grew naturally without any insecticides or any kind of growth-enhancing preparations, and the other that I used only organic preparations without any chemical preparations. I studied twelve weeks and kept the exact diary how many preparations I used in what week. I must admit that I also used music as a stimulus for growth. Since I read about it, I had the opportunity to try it. I played classical and metal music and saw a bit faster growth when it came to metal music.

At the end

After completing my research, I wrote a paper on this topic. An industrial marijuana breeding company contacted me to continue research for their company.

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Colorado Marijuana Industry – Revenue Bigger Than Some Counties BDP

In 2016, the state collected almost $200 million in tax, which show how fast growing this industry is. According to released data, Colorado has managed to score $1.3 billion in medical and recreational marijuana use and generated close to $200 million in tax. But, tax revenue is just a tip of the iceberg and ignited many changes that are yet to come. This has helped the state rebuild its health system and replace the underground market with a tightly regulated and monitored control. The officials took one crucial step in legalizing marijuana, they removed opioid from the streets and gave authority to licensed businesses.

Now marijuana is tested, packed, labeled and only sold to adults who can show the proof of their age. It seems that this system is working correctly. Of course, having extra $200 million in tax revenue is nice, but it can hardly cover the state’s budget. $40 million has been set aside and being awarded for public school construction, and the rest of the money will go for health care, health education, law enforcement and substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.

Marijuana tax revenue won’t cover the state’s budget, but it will include essential programs and services which many people will benefit from. Colorado was one of the first states that legalized marijuana and experts predict we can expect even more significant revenue in the following years. But, there are factors we need to take into consideration. Other countries may decide to follow the same example, which can decrease the state’s profit. Also, the U.S. government previously legalized the use of drugs, then later called it a mistake.

What other countries need to learn is that legalizing drugs shouldn’t be only because of the profit. There are a lot of individuals who are struggling with diseases such as cancer and the only way to relive the pain is using marijuana. If we have a regulated marketplace, then we can acquire drug in more secure ways, and many people can benefit from. Unfortunately, many state officials are still closed on this topic, and we are yet to see what the future will bring. One this is sure, marijuana use can be beneficial and harmful, depending on the purpose. We should explore further its use in medical science and help the patients who are suffering from the most severe illnesses.